Q1: How to get Uninstall Master for use?
A1: You can get Uninstall Master by clicking the download link on the home of our site. Also, you can download this utility from our partner download sites.

Q2: How to purchase Uninstall Master and what's the toll collection manner of it?
A2: Uninstall Master is a free utility and will always be free. Besides the software itself, related services are also free of charge. If you find that Uninstall Master is charged for download on other sites, please let us now, and we will deal with it at the first time.

Q3: What kinds of software can Uninstall Master be used to process?
A2: Almost all. Built on advanced algorithm, the "Forced Uninstall" function of Uninstall Master can uninstall 90% of programs in your computer. Please note that system programs will not be uninstalled. Uninstall Master will warn you when you tried to uninstall important programs.

Q4: How can I find program I want to uninstall and run Uninstall Master to process it?
A4: When you start Uninstall Master, the uninstaller tool will list all programs and components, displays information such as program name, publisher, size and version, and prompts you potential harmful items contained in the program. Then, you can uninstall any programs as needed.

Q5: Can Uninstall Master deal with some stubborn ones since some programs just reinstall themselves after uninstallation?
A5: Uninstall Master provides the "Unrecoverable Delete" function. It will analyze the data of program before uninstallation and scans for remnants after process. All leftovers will be deleted, making them impossible to recover.

Q6: How to update Uninstall Master?
A6: When the latest version of Uninstall Master is released, a pop-up will appear and prompts about new features of the version. If you think the version you use now is good enough, just ignore it. It's your choice to decide whether to update.